Monday, November 19, 2012

Some Quick Thoughts On Secession

I don't necessarily think secession is a good idea, but that it is a conversation that needs to happen. Do not make whiny, twatwafflingly snide remarks about this, that, or the other. I have honestly never before in my life seen such blatant, unhinged, narrow minded behavior by people who seem don't seem to fully understand the concept of a democratic republic, just the club of democracy, as I have in response to the proposition of a discussion. The Democrats move further to the left, and the Republicans keep moving to the center. The Republicans nominate someone who might as well be a Democrat, two elections in a row, and that's not enough. That, in essence, is the problem with the left. It's not so much that they're tolerant, because if they were, they wouldn't insist that the right keep moving to the left. I'm not even a Republican and I see this. Anyway, I'm passing this along for the following reasons -
1. Because it is a discussion that needs to be had. I think the reaction to it is telling.
2. I think it should always be a possibility. What I want out of the discussion, is that the Republican part resets itself more Libertarian, so much so that Libertarians come into the fold instead of sitting in dark corners masturbating to texts on Austrian economics. I want America to be more of the Republic is was intended to be. And I would love for the discussion to cause the Democratic party to reflect and reset. Except for some places in the south where there might be some hold out, old school Blue Dogs, I have less hope of this happening than I do the Republican party bringing more Libertarians in.
3. The left has this real hypocritical, "My Country Right or Wrong But Only When We're in Power" streak I find loathsome on many levels. Preach about coming together, still blame and hate Bush for everything. Fuck you.
4. Why shouldn't the people of a state be able to discuss, vote, and leave the union if they see fit. "It's not going to happen," is not an answer. Neither is, "You're racist." Or, "You'll be at the mercy of Mexico, Russian, China, whoever." Would that be any worse than being at the mercy of our own out of control government? Or those who would disarm a people? Maybe we can deal with them. Maybe they'll honor the arrangements better  than our current government.

If the government fails to hold up it's end of the bargain. If it becomes tyrannical, ruins our money, becomes so infested with corruption that it is taken for granted, wages war on it's own citizens, systematically disarms them and uses government agencies to set the stage for the vindication of doing so, and grows in size, scope, and power to the point that the very system of government morphs and mutates to the point that one cannot tell where the corporations end and the government begins, why not?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Where I'm at, where I'm looking to go

It won't be much longer now.
I was hoping to give my grandmother another Christmas in her home.
Two, if we were really lucky.
It's almost Thanksgiving, and it's obvious she needs more than I can give her.
If Christmas is even possible, it will take work and coordination that may be out of our grasps.
Truth be told, she should be somewhere now.
And I hate this.
Words alone will never be able to adequately describe just exactly how much I hate this.
She's lived here since 1959. My mother's family spent a year in Chicago and came running back.
She does better when one of her children, my mother, her sister or brother, are here.
Me, I'm just a punk kid at 33.
The family fuck up.
The nutty vet not right with the world.
I'm in a real strange place.
For those who care, yes, I'm still waiting on cover art for book 2. If I don't have something in the next few days, I'll figure something else out. So, there's that.
Anyway, other than writing, and in some ways in conjunction with writing, I have some opportunities and possibilities on the horizon.
I don't really want to give too much away right now.
I'm trying to figure out best how to synthesize and synergize, and maybe stream line.
I'm still waiting on Austin to get back to me with a class date to get licensed to teach CHL.
I still need to take the NRA instructor's courses. Mostly this is formality, and paying dues, and having a piece of paper to show people who don't know much about guns.
I also have a list of people I want to train to actually learn from. People I want to seek out for skills and knowledge and perspective. A lot of this shit, despite what people will tell you, isn't really that goddamn difficult. People have been cracking each other over the head with rocks since fire was considered magical. What interests me isn't just the pursuit of knowledge, but the ability to relate that information to others in the most economical way possible.
That's one of the things I despise the most about the training and self defense industry. It's filled with faux macho would be Alpha males who live to do little more than assuage their own personal egos.
I know what I want to offer as a teacher. What I feel comfortable in both skill and knowledge being able to charge for, and where I want to be able to grow as a teacher.

I should say something about figuring out my brand, but the truth is, I don't give any more of a fuck about that than I ever have.
I'm out there. I'm me. I'm as open as can be. For better or worse. Good or bad. Love me or hate me.
I am just exactly who I am
I know I'm ready.
I'm excited.
I'm ashamed of all the time I wasted being a sad sack drunk.
When I published my first book, and first entered the world of social media, I was in many ways a different person. I was certainly in a much different place.
Believe it or not, I have reservations about just how much I put out there.
Sometimes living without filters feels like reality tv, only it's not as lucrative, and somehow maybe more sad, pathetic, and melancholy.
I know a lot of the readers I first collected read my writing because of that. The depression, the addiction, the struggle. All that drama.
So, I don't know.
I don't know exactly what's next.
I don't know where I'll be in a year's time.
I do know, when I'm 35, I want to be exponentially further from here than I am from where I was at 30.
I'm tired of wasting time.
I'm tired of wasting life.
And potential.
Maybe watching my grandmother's decline has sharpened my focus.
I don't know.
I barely even drink anymore, and when I do, it's rarely very much. When I drink and stay up, I feel sluggish and wish I hadn't.
When I go days without drink, it is no longer cause for celebration.
It's notice is but an after thought.
It's strange.
To go so long feeling like you're on the precipice.
A few years ago, I had one of the top agents in the country.
I was meeting famous people.
I thought I was a contenda, as it were.
But my book didn't get picked up.
I didn't get famous, or rich, or even really make any money to speak of.
I'm sure, the place I was then, the hope of greatness probably meant more to me than greatness itself.
Coming out of that dark place. Still shy of the light.
I'll always write.
I don't have a choice in that matter.
But I can't any promises.
I'm trying to organize my life, and schedule, and to instill discipline to my work.
Please understand, I beg you, I despise ritualized discipline.
I knew too many people in the army who worshiped it.
Also, that I do real well not to hate myself.
Those who have never dealt with severe depression will never understand.
I am not inserting this to use as an excuse.
Simply stating a fact.
And that I deal with it everyday the best I can.
Some days are better than others.
And even at my worst now, is so much better than my best then.
The other night, I lay in bed. I was sober, and staring in the darkness, and just thinking.
Before the bottle, this had been my favorite time.
When I realized the moment, something hard to describe washed over me.
That I can enjoy it once again seems like a foreign idea.
I actually prefer being sober to drunk, and am no longer surprised by it.

You don't know that when you're there, in that dark place.
You can only see it looking back.
Tough love doesn't work.
And all the hope and possibility I can see forming on the horizon, I would trade for a few good months for my grandmother.
I would trade my soul, fester in mud spackled obscurity forever, to give her back her mind.
The ravages of dementia are no gentle thing.
The madness I enjoyed before was itself self obsessed, frivolous, and childish. 
It was trifling twatwafflery. 

I guess that's what I get for trying to end this on a positive note.