Tuesday, June 12, 2012

5 Things I've Come To Realize From Research and Life

  1. People who identify themselves as knife people are, in general, pound for pound, a more fucked up collection of weirdos, nut jobs, psychopaths, miscreants, loons, and douchefuck morons than those who identify themselves as gun people. As a weapons aficionado, this both scares and baffles me.
  2. From what I've observed, and discovered through conversation and research, commitment in “swinging”, or “open” relationships, requires a philosophical and mental rigor most people simply do not posses. This is not a moral judgment. Also relationships that are financially stable seem to be, even more so than normal, less at risk for meltdown. Another point, is that there is a very broad range of kink. From what I've picked up, couples for whom it is not a constant lifestyle, but some occasional fun seem to have healthier relationships then those who seem to be little more than really committed friends with benefits. Couples which spend a significant amount of time apart due to professional endeavors, and take the “What happens in wherever stays wherever” approach, seem to have about a 50/ 50 chance of success/ failure. This seems to work best for military couples, and others who can expect to be gone for long stretches at a time, with equally long stretches back home. Also, it seems to depend on the level of intimacy other than sex developed with non spousal partners. Sex is one thing, love is another. This was in no way a scientific survey, do not take it as such. This is what I've processed thus far. Yes, for various writing projects. And once again, no, I'm not judging. I don't do that.
  3. There are basically three kinds of people who are not in violent criminal gangs that identify themselves as Norse/ Pagan. 1. Those who are actually agnostic/ atheist, but want to respect their cultural/ family heritage. Also enjoy pissing off Bible Nazis. 2. Those who consider themselves spiritual more than anything, and just like cool stories and symbols. And pissing off Bible Nazis. 3. Fucking morons.
  4. Dallas is in a great many ways, a cultural Rubicon. It's L.A. without the movie stars, Savannah without the Gothic architecture, Manhattan without Wall Street, Chicago without the port. It's old money, and thirty thousand dollar millionaires. It's the last Southern city, and the first Middle America city. It is a great shame, that as often as Texas is a caricature in art and literature, Dallas is even more so. Dallas is the city of perpetually big ideas that are never quiet fulfilled. A dying arts district, infamously corrupt city government, and a love hate relationship with itself. King of the one horse towns. Dallas is in many ways the smallest big city in America, and the biggest small city in America, and it's always lost between the two.
  5. Otherwise honest people fuck themselves more than any other way with overzealous, carefully crafted, self promotion. Every so often I will think to myself I should more carefully cultivate my image, and what info I post out there. Let's be honest, I have no filter. I just don't give a fuck. And I'm afraid that might hurt me in the future. Like, say, after I drop some more weight, and start looking for work in law enforcement or security because this writing shit still isn't paying the bills? Yeah, I'm a little afraid some of the shit I've said will come back. Because people are idiots, and don't recognize satire. Also, it's a little garish, isn't it? Sharing as much as I do, being as open as I am? Basically, I kind of use Facebook as a low rent reality show. Only I don't get paid. And I rarely sell books. Which was kind of the whole point, originally. I'm not going to though. That's how that shit begins. Where it starts. Fuck that. I'm not going to self destruct in an orgy of self induced fame and glory. Sure, I could use the money, but if I turn into the people I hate, I'll just end up having to kill myself. So, yeah. About that. I'm just gonna keep on being me.

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