Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back cover synposis The Lines We Cross. Maybe.

Back from the wars, once again.

After long years of doing bad things to worse people, doing government work without the retirement package, all Jebediah Shaw wanted was to visit his family, and enjoy a nice, quiet high lonesome in a dark bar. He had heavy things to contemplate, while recharging his long drained batteries.

It was all going better than expected, until violence interrupted his minor binge, embroiling those around him in a conspiracy spread across lines of class, age, and race. One generations in the making.

He doesn't want any part of it.

He didn't come home for this.

These things aren't supposed to happen here.

Jeb Shaw is a violent man. He gets paid to do what he does in the dark corners of the world, far away from the people he cares about. The innocent life they lead is something he cherishes.
But he is a warrior.

A violent man with a code.

And when violent men without a code retaliate against those he loves, there is little doubt what he'll do.

In a city on the brink, with decades old cultural conflicts coming to a head, a drug cartel with aspirations of Reconquesta, false flags, scheming politicians, a police force bound by bureaucracy and corruption, and idealistic activists each playing their own game, Jeb will take matters into his own hands. In order to keep those he loves and the city they live in safe, unravel the conspiracy, and find those responsible, there is nothing he won't do.

No line he won't cross.

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