Monday, April 16, 2012

People I Hate On Facebook # 1 The Self Appointed "Pot Stirrer"

Fuck you. I fucking hate you. I'm so goddamn sick of putting up with your shit. You know who you are. The first to decry the loss of civil discourse, the first to ignore the chance for it every single fucking time you feel the need to spew your inane bullshit.

Jesus, I want to eat your fucking face.

So bad.

You think you're “pot stirrer”. No, you're just a half rate, half whit, fucko.

I hate you. I hate your snark. I wish I could punch you in your bitch face.


Every single post you make is some snarky, condescending, ego-maniacal, viscous, twatwaffling steaming pile of shit.

Railing your solipsistic affirmations like a monkey at the zoo, jacking off in his cage.

Things you need to realize-
Just because you're educated, doesn't mean you're intelligent.

Just because you have an opinion, doesn't mean you're right.

Just because we're engaged in a discussion, trying to foster responsible political discourse, doesn't mean you get to prance through with your dick in your hand, pissing all over everyone like a spoiled child.

You don't like my politics? Fine. Respond in a rational, adult manner.

By rational, and adult, I mean use logic, reason, and critical goddamn thinking to form an argument, thus enhancing the rational debate which you so energetically interrupt every single motherfucking chance you get.

Stop bringing up Bush.

Stop it.

Shut your cunt mouth.

So ready to tell everyone else how to live their lives, righteous indignation dripping off every word.

While you play act defensive.

How cunt-tastically passive aggressive of you.

You know why I hate you, you sad, pathetic, motherfucker?

Because, for all your over the top rhetoric, all you are is a shill.

You pretend greater knowledge, yet fail to see the truth.

It's all kabuki.

It's all bullshit.

We're all puppets on a stage.

The real discussion should be how to cut our strings, and set ourselves free.

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