Saturday, April 21, 2012

Who I Hate Right Now # 2

You know what I hate, more than anything in this world, right goddamn now?

Pseudo-intellectual, liberal, douchefuck cock-knuckles who post some idiotic, bleeding heart twattling babble, about having peace in our hearts, and not engage in hateful, mean, or distasteful rhetoric concerning our Dear Leader, because it is sooo mean and hurtful.

Fuck you.


99% of you liberal pricks spew the most vile, hateful, ridiculous shit about Republicans, Libertarians, and pretty much anyone that disagrees with you, your calling for consensus, and unity, and wholeness, what-the-fuck-ever, is at best, fucking laughable. Are you even intelligent enough to understand your hypocrisy?

You're a bunch of spoiled, whiny children.

Say whatever the fuck you want, about everyone else, and it just means you're so much deeper than the rest of us, edgy and cool.

Slander, smear, denigrate, piss on, shit on, set on fire, any and everyone, but, oh, fuck, someone says something about your guy, and then you play the angel in white, trying to calm the world with a healing touch.

Do not tell me it hurts us abroad, or that it emboldens our enemies.
Whatever the fuck you do, do not say that.
You never once, in the eight years Bush was in office, ever thought to keep that in mind.
Yeah, I hear you gasping from here.
But it was different then, right?
God, I fucking hate you.
Fuck sake, Obama's first term is almost up, and you simple bastards are still blaming everything on Bush.


Bush's fault.


Bush's fault.

Global warming.

Bush's fault.

Michael Vick torturing dogs.

Bush's fault.

The dark clouds in the sky.

Bush's fault.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Bush or the GOP, but Christ.


Morons. Shut up.

It's not the differences in our politics or our worldviews that I find infuriating.

I'm over them. I don't even care about that anymore.

I'm so close to not caring about politics at all anymore, it's not even funny.

What sickens me, is you. Your persons. The way you act.

As if you can't believe anyone would ever say something negative about your Sacred Lamb.

After all the things you've said.

All the things you still say.

You're no spiritual guide.

You hold no sacred or divine knowledge.

You don't even know yourselves.

Fuck you.

Simple fucks.


  1. I love you Seth. Seriously. I'm reconsidering becoming a groupie.

  2. Nice, very nice. Thanks Krissy.

  3. You're an asshole.

    That's what I love about you, man.

    Keep up the good work.