Monday, April 9, 2012

Some Things I Hate Right Goddamn Now-

        1.The Republican Party (except Ron Paul)-

        Fuck you, you fucking twatwaffling douchefuck cock-knuckle fucktwits. You're not even trying. Notice I didn't say, “It's like you're not even trying.” You're not trying. You suck. I fucking hate you. All the years I bemoaned Ron Paul's foreign policy, and we're so far fucking gone I don't even care anymore. Couldn't give less of a fuck. As a matter of fact, since I'm not too sure the very best reason not to go to war is that it is obviously just one more thing government can't do right, it might actually be the best course of action. My line used to be, “I vote Republican (when I can stomach it), I tell people I'm a Libertarian, but deep in breast, the heart sick song that is sung is one of Individual Anarchism.”

        Well, everyday I'm less and less inclined to vote at all. Last election I voted a straight Libertarian ticket. The one before that, I was in too much pain, and too drunk and high on Army issued opiates to care. I don't know what I'll do this election. My plan was to be a Ron Paul guy until the nominee was picked, and then grudgingly vote for whomever against Obama.

        The thing is, I don't think it really matters at this point. Some rough times are due us. If you can't see that, you're probably retarded. Now, I don't know what these rough times will consist of, or what the answers are, but I'm pretty fucking positive we're fucked no matter what.

        2. Prissy, Egomaniacal, Cult of Personality Nurturing, Uber-Tactical, Bi-Polar, End-All-Be-All Firearms Trainers.

        Holy fuck, I love guns, but hate gun trainers. Jesus Christ. You'll never find a bigger collection of know it all macho douchefucks than you will in the “tactical community”. It's like they bathe in HGH and gun oil.

        No, I'm not going to name names. There are too many to name. I'll give you the names of good trainers all day long. There are some really good, squared away individuals out there who care more about the material, and the purpose of teaching it, than they do stroking their egos. By stroking their egos, I mean they're so insanely narcissistic they basically jack off in public. They care more about their egos, their celebrity, and surrounding themselves with sycophants than anything else. I'm speaking of no one in particular, though a couple people do automatically come to mind.

        I will never hold building a successful brand or business against someone, as long as they do it with a reasonable degree of responsibility. By nature the training community is one well stocked with hardcore, type A, meat eater motherfuckers. Ego is the monkey on all our backs, and ignoring human nature is folly. If you're not self-aware enough to take stock, and keep counsel with those you can trust to hold a mirror up, to feed you your crow, then it is only a matter of time until you crash and burn. I really shouldn't act like this is a condition particular to the training community, everyone has seen examples of this. But if you're going to call yourself a warrior, than I expect you to have a code, and to damn well act like it.

        3. My fucking hair. I need to get off my lazy ass and shave this shit.

        4. Mainstream writers that get everything wrong. I'm not talking about little things, or different opinions about what might be a better weapon choice, I mean fucking wrong. Whenever I read someone mention driving a nose bone through the brain, killing someone, I go into a fit of fucking rage. Apparently, I was more dangerous, and had a deeper knowledge of human anatomy at twelve than most mainstream authors do as grown ups. No wonder glittery sparkly vampires are best sellers. I want to strangle them.

        5. Writers who seemingly only write books on writing, and how to get published. Until a couple of years ago, I had no idea this cottage industry existed. There are, evidently, authors who actually make money doing nothing but telling other people how to do things, many don't seem to have actually done. I've been at this a couple years now. I mean that literally, and I'll be the first to tell you, I don't know everything. I barely know something, and I'm not sure what the fuck that is. I'm probably the last person that should give advice on anything, much less publishing. I study the industry in fits and spurts, checking certain blogs every week or two, trying to find my way through the darkness. The only thing I can tell you, is if some glossy fuckwad tries to get you to buy their book, at the least, check their creds. If they haven't written anything except books on how to write and get published, I would put that snake oil down. The exception to this would be those who, while not actually writers, but are involved in the industry in other intimate ways. Editors and publishers both certainly should know a thing or to. But from what I see, most of it is shit.


  1. Thanks buddy, I needed to be reminded of why we hate the same things. I'm looking forward to reading more of your functional insanity.

  2. Twatwafflers beware...No douchnozzle is safe with Seth Bailey on the blogoshere. Looking forward to seeing the fagabonds destroyed on a more regular basis.

  3. I love you Seth. Truth. You're awesome.